• Improve the performance of your kitchen.
        • Expand or upgrade your kitchen

          If you have bought a home that has a Bodelec kitchen, you can purchase accessories or expand the furniture to improve the performance of your kitchen in just 3 simple steps.
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          • Petition

            Fill in the following contact form explaining what you want to add or change in your kitchen. Remember to indicate well the address of your home and the promoter or builder of the work, in addition to attaching photos of your kitchen so that we can better understand your request.

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          • Budget

            Within a maximum period of one month, you will receive the corresponding budget for the expansion or improvements to be made in your kitchen. If you are interested in the proposal, contact Bodelec to accept the budget received and make the corresponding payment.
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          • Assembly

            Our commercial team will contact you to coordinate the assembly on the date and time that you indicate, once the order is prepared.
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          • What can I expand or improve in my kitchen?

            • Add or change high and/or low furniture to expand your kitchen
            • Integrated doors in dishwasher and/or refrigerator
            • Expand or modify the hob
            • Accessories and complements: garbage can, rubber floor, cutlery, electrical appliances, sinks, taps, lighting, plinth...
            • Or any request to improve the performance of your kitchen: drawers, modules and removable baskets, guides, hinges...
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