• Little things that make the difference and increase the performance of your kitchen.
      • calidad y componentes bodelec
      • Little things that make a difference...
        • visagra clip bodelec
        • Clip hinge
        • Great adjustment and assembly comfort, three-dimensional regulation with graduation in height, width and depth. Reliable operation and attractive design.
        • cajones y módulos extraíbles metabox Bodelec
        • Drawers and removable Metabox modules
        • Its robust materials guarantee its stability and a maximum load of 20 kg.
        • patas regulables y extensibles bodelec
        • Adjustable and extensible legs​
        • Durable polypropylene legs.
      • ... and that increase the performance of your kitchen
          • visagra clip top bluemotion bodelec
          • Clip Top Blumotion hinge
          • So that the doors move with elegance, hinge with incorporated brake and three-dimensional regulation. For a smooth and silent closing, with an opening cycle of 200,000 times.
          • guía grass bodelec
          • Grass guides
          • Total extraction guides with built-in brake to take better advantage of the storage space and a maximum load of 40 kg in movement.
          • suelo metálico bodelec
          • Metal floor
          • Metal protector with adjustable rubber for sink bottoms.
          • box-side bodelec
          • Box-side
          • Side profile to prevent the contents of the drawer from coming off.
          • suelo de goma bodelec
          • Rubber soil
          • Anti-slip and protective mat in gray, for the interior of drawers or cabinets.
          • cubertero de plástico bodelec
          • Plastic cutlery
          • The ideal complement to have the cutlery always well organized.
          • nueva maquina modul-cuin cantos sin juntas bodelec
          • The latest technology for manufacturing furniture with invisible joints
            In Modul-cuin we have the most innovative machinery to offer you quality and excellent finishes. Recently we have incorporated a machine that allows to melt the board with the edge and thus make doors with invisible joints. In addition, thanks to the application of uniform air flow in the edging, we can guarantee the best quality for your kitchen furniture.
            • Modul-Cuin,
              a personal touch
              for your kitchen
            • Bodelec is the official distributor of Modul-cuin kitchens, a manufacturer of kitchen furniture that is characterized by its wide variety of models, elegant designs and high-quality finishes.

              The most modern manufacturing techniques but with a manual finish that adds a personal and unmistakable touch to your kitchen.

            • bodelec calidad
            In order to guarantee an optimal result, in Bodelec we manufacture totally to measure each one of our kitchens.
            Furniture that guarantees maximum resistance to moisture.
          • Bodelec armazones hidrófugos y de color

        • Maximum storage and working height to suit you
        • seccion bodelec tirador convencional
        • So that you can make the most of the storage space and according to your way of working in the kitchen, in Bodelec you can choose low furniture of 70 or 80 cm high with the possibility of up to 3 interior shelves, and also high furniture of 70, 80 or 90 cm

        • Zappa, the elegance without handles
        • tirador zappa bodelec
        • And if yours is the minimalist style and the delicacy of simplicity, you should choose the Zappa system. An aluminum profile with curved shape that is located in the upper part of the furniture structure and that creates the necessary space to introduce the fingers and to be able to open doors and drawers comfortably, without the need of a handle. Also available in low furniture of 70 or 80 cm and that you can combine with the high furniture of 70, 80 or 90 cm, depending on the capacity you want storage and the ceiling of your kitchen.