• Recommendations for use and cleaning. 5 years Bodelec guarantee.
      • Bodelec kitchens: 5 years guarantee

      • Custom made one by one by Modul-cuin, your kitchen is characterised by the high quality of its frames and the great durability and resistance of the materials used. If properly maintained and cleaned, you can keep your kitchen looking like the first day for a long time.
        Thank you for purchasing a Bodelec kitchen.

      • Recommendations for use and cleaning
    • For proper maintenance of your kitchen furniture and components, you should periodically clean by applying a sponge or cloth moistened with neutral soap water to the surface, then rinse and dry completely with a clean, lint-free cloth. In case of resistant or dry stains, apply the neutral soap diluted in warm water and leave it until the dirt reacts.
      • Avoid spilling or accumulating moisture on the joints of worktops, edges and integrated or recessed handles to prevent moisture from seeping in and damaging the door.
      • Excessive heat or continuous water vapour can damage the furniture. Always cook with the cooker hood running and regularly clean the filters.
      • Use the large capacity bottom drawers to store heavy items, reserving the wall units for lighter objects. Never exceed the maximum load of the wall units and distribute the load evenly. 
      • Remember that electrical connections and maintenance should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

        Stainless steel scrubs, hard fiber sponges, abrasive soaps, gasoline, alcohols, acetones, ammonia cleaners, bleaches, solvents, nitro-derivatives, steamers, or sharp objects.

        Always dry liquid spills immediately, do not cut food on the worktops, do not place containers freshly removed from the fire on the worktop, avoid subjecting wooden furniture to extreme temperatures or continuous exposure to the sun and do not open the door of the dishwasher until 20 minutes after the end of the wash.
    • How to adjust door hinges

      • cómo regular las bisagras de una puerta
      • 1. Remove the trim.
        2. Adjust vertically.
        3. Adjust the distance or proximity of the door to the frame.
        4. Adjust horizontally.
      • Cómo graduar bisagras de muebles de cocina Bodelec
    • How to remove drawers

      • video cajones y gavetas Bodelec
      • cómo extraer cajones o gavetas
      • Empty and fully open the drawer, pull it up and slide it out. To replace it, follow the same steps in reverse.
            • The Bodelec kitchen furniture warranty covers any manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery and invoice, provided that the furniture has been used and maintained correctly in accordance with the Warranty Manual and Recommendations for use and cleaning. In case of misuse, neglect of maintenance or inadequate support, catastrophic causes (fire, flood, etc.) or any cause beyond the manufacturer's control, the Warranty will be void.
              • 5 años de garantía cocinas Bodelec

      • Warranty conditions

        • The products must have been purchased and installed by Bodelec.
        • The products may not be modified or altered before, during or after installation, and all their composition, assembly and maintenance must be respected. 
        • The use for which they are intended must be that for which they were manufactured.
        • The colour of the material of the different pieces, even being the new kitchen, can suffer a small variation or tolerance of colour according to the norm UNE-EN-438-2.
        • The differences in tones and the ageing of the materials due to the passage of time and exposure to sunlight cannot be claimed. 
        • Accessories, components, and parts that have deteriorated due to natural wear and tear are exempt from the Guarantee.
        • Appliances and accessories (such as sink, taps, etc.) are covered by the 2-year Warranty issued by the manufacturer, so you should contact the manufacturer directly.
      • How should you claim?

      • If you discover any defects in your kitchen furniture, you should contact Bodelec within a reasonable period. Our technicians will inspect the defect and assess whether to repair the defective part or replace it with one of the same or similar characteristics. 
        The Warranty covers the replacement and/or repair free of charge of parts, components or furniture accepted as defective. Travel costs, labour or other expenses that may arise, after 3 months from the purchase, will be charged to the customer.

        • Do you need further information?

          For further information on this Guarantee and/or Recommendations for use and cleaning, please contact Bodelec.